The Wakeup Call
The Wake Up Call will be opening in 2012!

Where can you go for Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Pizzas, Cheeseburgers, Burritos, Tacos, Wraps, Smoothies, Popcorn, Hotdogs, & the Best in Christian Teachings, Sermons, and Music? 

Why the
Wake Up Call,
for sure!

We had a great idea to open up with a small place in Kalispell in 2011, but then one of the "partners" was following a false gospel and in a false church.  We could not be unequally yoked and proceed.  Thus we had to regroup.  Please pray for her deliverance from the seduction of the god of this world and his deception he uses with the false jesus and the false gospel.

So this year after completing a preaching tour on the west coast, we will return to the Flathead Valley and begin The Wake Up Call project.
 Our goal is to have a haven for True Christians to learn the Truth.  Incorporated in that vision is to have a place where the world can come to learn who Jesus is according to The Word, not the false churches that occupy the MAJORITY of Flathead Valley.
The place will be where one can come for some food & NON-Alcoholic  beverages, hear great teachings, and listen to great Christian Music.
It will be a ministry, not a business!  All menus will be suggested donations only.  That way the poor can come too and be fed mana for their stomachs without financial concern, and receive spiritual mana from above!
The Christians who are blessed with money, can donate according to their abilities, perhaps donate some to pay for the poor who cannot!
 That's Phase One.

The Highlights:

The Teachings, Sermons, and Music
We will have many different street preachers from around the world, local pastors who know the Truth, and special guests on occasion.  The music will be Hymns, and Christian ballads, NOT the CCM rock n roll that has destroyed the American Church!
World renown Chef Mario!
One CANNOT find real pizza in the Flathead Valley!   The yuppie food some places try to pawn off as pizza is a crime!  Mario will come to Flathead Valley via Italy, then NY City, to cook REAL PIZZA!
The Coffee
We roast our own beans in Guatemala!

Phase Two:

We will begin in the summer of 2012 to build The Retreat.  This facility will house preachers, teachers, and Christians who are on the battlefield.  It will be a place for them to regroup while at the same time use they talents to teach other Christians about The Great Commission and the onslaught of the Emergent Church!
Many Ex-Amish, Ex-Mennonite, Ex-Catholics, Ex-Morons, Ex-Jehovah Witnesses, and many other Born Again Christian builders will come to build the cabins and the worship center.